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Chicken Gun (Mod, Money, Server)

Chicken Gun (Mod, Money, Server)

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Size575 MB
Android:4.4 и выше
Hits:46 234
Updated v4.1.0:22-06-2024, 18:23

Chicken Gun (Mod, Money, Server) - I present to your attention a hacked version of the popular action game with chickens, where you will have a lot of money to buy weapons and the opportunity to connect to a private server! The game will be interesting to all fans of CS or similar games!

Gameplay of the game:

When I first launched Chicken Gun on my phone, I was amazed by the bright colors and funny character designs. I chose my chicken and started the fight together with other players from different parts of the world online. I was armed with unusual weapons in the form of eggs, cakes and classic weapons like pistols and submachine guns. I was amazed at how many possibilities there are in this game: I could create my own rooms and invite my friends to play together, or I could join other players who created their own rooms (levels). Over the course of the game, I got better and better, improving my weapons and customizing my chicken. I felt excitement and adrenaline when I defeated my rivals and fell when I was hit. But even if I was losing, I felt the urge to get back into the game. Chicken Gun is a game that will not leave you indifferent, and it has every chance to become your new favorite Android game.

Chicken Gun Game Features:

  • Unique characters: Players can choose their chicken from a variety of available characters with different skills and abilities.
  • Unusual weapons: a huge number of weapons are available in the game, including such unusual items as eggs, cakes, buckets of acid and much more.
  • A variety of maps: Players can fight on various maps with unique features and traps.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Players can play with friends in multiplayer mode, create their own rooms or join games created by other players.
  • Advanced improvement system: Players can upgrade their weapons and customize their chicken to increase its abilities and become stronger and more effective in combat.
  • Addictive gameplay: Players can enjoy dynamic and addictive gameplay full of action and fun.

Download Chicken Gun

In general, the Chicken Gun game on Android offers many unique and interesting features that may interest players of all ages and experience levels. It is worth noting the many modified versions of the game Chicken Gun in which you can have immortality or the ability to connect to other private servers. You can download the game now by following the links below!

Download Chicken Gun (Mod, Money, Server)_v4.1.0.apk
Installations: ~46 234 | Size: 575 MB

🔔 Let us – know if an update is required!

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  1. Samuel de lima ramos
    Samuel de lima ramos ✒️ 18 July 2023 00:26
    Tido bem
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  2. Samuel de lima ramos
    Samuel de lima ramos ✒️ 18 July 2023 00:28
    Chicken gun
    In mods
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  3. Hacker
    Hacker ✒️ 29 July 2023 15:10
    Chicken Gun Hacker
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    1. Emiliano
      Emiliano ✒️ 5 December 2023 18:45
      Chicken gun 3.6.0 larry hacker tall chicken
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  4. Hacker
    Hacker ✒️ 29 July 2023 15:11
    Chicken gun
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  5. Jakub
    Jakub ✒️ 17 August 2023 17:00
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  6. Никита
    Никита ✒️ 19 August 2023 09:11
    Чикенган приват сервер
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  7. Chicken gun
    Chicken gun ✒️ 28 September 2023 00:07
    Lary hacker
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  8. Chicken gun
    Chicken gun ✒️ 28 September 2023 00:09
    Lary hacker
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  9. Chicken gun mob menu by larry hacker
    Chicken gun mob menu by larry hacker ✒️ 2 October 2023 20:38
    Mob menu 5V please 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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  10. Chicken gun mob menu by larry hacker
    Chicken gun mob menu by larry hacker ✒️ 2 October 2023 20:39
    What install mob menu by larry hacker chicken gun
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    1. Arsa
      Arsa ✒️ 6 January 2024 05:54
      Chicken gun hacker mod
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  11. You
    You ✒️ 11 November 2023 02:34
    Lary hacker 3.5.0
    Chicken gun
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  12. Gilano
    Gilano ✒️ 6 May 2024 19:50
    Chicken gun hacker
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