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Pig Truck - Take the Pigs

Pig Truck - Take the Pigs

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Welcome to the world of Pig Truck - Take Pigs, an exciting and unusual simulator for Android that will give you a lot of fun and laughter! In this game you have to become a real farmer and transport pigs. Get ready for funny and sometimes ridiculous adventures on rural roads!


In Pig Truck - Take the Pigs, you will take on the role of a pig truck driver who must transport his charges from one point to another. The task is not as simple as it seems at first glance! You will have to face many obstacles and unpredictable situations on the way to your goal.

Game Features

  • Realistic Physics: The game uses an advanced physics system that makes each ride unique and exciting. You will feel all the bumps of the road and the weight of your passengers.
  • Funny graphics: Bright and colorful visual effects give the game a special charm. The pigs look very cute and funny, which adds even more fun to the game.
  • Variety of levels: Numerous levels with different types of roads and obstacles are waiting for you. Each new task becomes more difficult, testing your skills and patience.
  • Interactive elements: Interacting with the environment is an important part of the gameplay. You will have to use a variety of objects and mechanisms to successfully deliver the pigs to their destination.
  • Upgrade System: Upgrade your transport to make it more reliable and able to cope with any difficulties on the way. The better your truck is, the more pigs you can transport.

Tips and Strategies

  1. Take into account physics: Try to drive carefully and slowly on uneven sections of the road so as not to lose your passengers. Sharp turns and jumps can lead to the loss of pigs.
  2. Use improvements: Do not forget to improve your transport. A more powerful engine and a stronger suspension will help you cope with difficult sections of the road more easily.
  3. Plan your route: Before you set off, study the map and think of the best route. This will help you avoid unnecessary difficulties and achieve your goal faster.

Pig Truck - Take Pigs to Android is a game that will give you many hours of fun and joy. The addictive gameplay, realistic physics and fun graphics make it perfect for all ages. Challenge yourself as a pig truck driver and prove that you can handle any challenges!

Download Pig Truck - Take the Pigs

Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of exciting adventures on rural roads! Download Pig Truck - Take Pigs to Android and prove that you are the best pig truck driver! Good luck on the roads and have fun trips!

Download Pig Truck - Take the Pigs_v1.2.apk
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