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Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story

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Episode - Choose Your Story is a kind of novella, an interactive story game that allows players to choose their own storyline by choosing different answers in an interactive chat when communicating. This application mixes elements of games and books, which allows you to create a unique game plot. In this review, I will talk about the gameplay of the game, the features and the ability to download the game from our website.


The gameplay of Episode - Choose Your Story is based on the player making key decisions that affect the development of the plot and its outcome. Players can choose various options for actions and replicas of dialogues that determine the course of the plot. Depending on the decisions made, the characters may face different obstacles or achieve different goals.

The Episode - Choose Your Story game includes many different plots in which players can choose their own path. Some plots include elements of romance, drama, fantasy, adventure, etc. All the plots in the game are written in the style of a book, which allows players to feel part of the story.

Game Features

  • A large number of plots and the ability to choose your own path in each of them.
  • A lot of characters with different characters and personalities.
  • Interactive gameplay, where each player's decision affects the course of the plot.
  • The choice of the main character and the ability to customize his appearance and characteristics.
  • There are a lot of choices in dialogues and actions that affect the plot and its outcome.
  • Various episodes and seasons that are added to the game regularly.

Download Episode - Choose Your Story

You can download the game Episode - Choose Your Story on our website. Just go to the download page and follow the on-screen instructions. We guarantee that the download and installation of the application will take place without any problems.

Download Episode - Choose Your Story_v24.12.apk
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