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Where's my Water? APK (all open)

Where's my Water? APK (all open)

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Where's my Water? is one of the top games of 2012 from the creators of Disney. Both children and adults can play the game, there is no restriction, everyone will like it!

Himself Swampy is a crocodile who loves water like all his brothers, but he is very clean from them. He lives under a big city, deep in the ground.

In the game itself, you have to control the flow of water. You will have to direct water through the ground to the Crocodile in the bathroom so that he can wash himself. On the way to the bath you will have a variety of obstacles, for example: grass that grows when water enters and blocks the path to the bath. There is also a dangerous acid underground, which, like grass, will interfere in every possible way.

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