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Promotion / promotion of an Android application

Are you a developer of mobile applications for Android OS? Have you written your application? Class. Now you have to promote it and promote it so that all people on earth will know about it, and they would want to download or buy a paid version. We have several options for placing your application on !

0. Some statistics

The number of generated clicks on Google Play in the last 7 days.

1. Without promotion, there will be no result

At the moment, the competition in the mobile app market is fantastic. If you know where and how to effectively promote your application, the probability that people will find out about it is reduced to zero. And this means that you will not have sales and downloads, and if the application is free and without advertising, then you will not get profit.

2. Why promote apps

To make it known, to make it popular, to make money. Without promotion, you will not do it, and there are no alternatives.

3. Promotion options

What do you think gives the maximum return on the "marks"? The answer is: getting into the "ratings, tops" of applications. It is quite realistic to get into the top rankings for this, you need to have an action plan that includes effective promotion tools long before the application is published in the market. One of such tools is our website - .

4. Advantages of promotion on
  1. At the moment, we are visited by 90 thousand people a month.
  2. The ability to quickly get into the TOP lists on the "markets" (will lead to a sharp increase in the number of purchases, races).
  3. Expanding the audience of potential buyers.
  4. Your app will become more popular.
  5. We have the lowest prices.

5. How to promote an app using Androidow

The price of the article is 800 rubles (our text +300 rubles (1-2 characters)):

The article is published on the main page of the site forever and will remain there until it goes into the archive. You can add 1, 2 links to your project to the article. Links that are open to the index, which means that you will improve your site performance.

Articles are accepted on almost any topic, even gambling.

  • The text of the article;
  • Pictures, photos for the article.

The price of the application is 300 rubles (our text +200 rubles):

You can post your application with links to Google Play and upload the APK file to our website.

  • Application Description;
  • Screenshots of the application.

Banner advertising:

The price for the adaptive block is from 5000 rubles per month, the block is placed on the pages of the site with applications. In the web version, this is above the header. In the mobile version under the news heading.

Payment: WebMoney, Yumani, Kiwi. The placement is carried out after the payment of the article or news with the application.

What should I do?

To place your application in our catalog, you need to write a review of your game, program yourself, take some beautiful screenshots and send us by E-Mail or via feedback. Also in the message you need to add the Android version, the application version, a link to the "market" or to your own website, a free application file (optional).

After you send the message, you will be contacted.

E-mail: [email protected] | Feedback