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War Thunder Mobile

War Thunder Mobile

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Updated v0.0.7.34:10-05-2023, 12:29

War Thunder Mobile is a free multiplayer game in which players fight on planes, tanks and ships from the period of World War II and later conflicts.


War Thunder Mobile offers players to control various techniques, using the control key for movement and marks for shooting. Players can control fighters, bombers, tanks, ships and other techniques. Each type of equipment has its own unique features and capabilities, such as armor, weapon power and movement speed.

Features of the game:
  • More than 1,500 game pieces of equipment of various classes and eras, from World War II aircraft to modern tanks and ships.
  • A variety of game modes, including modes with single and multiplayer battles.
  • Various missions and campaigns to complete.
  • Beautiful graphics and realistic physics of equipment.
  • The ability to pump and improve equipment to increase its combat characteristics.
  • The opportunity to play together with friends in a team.

Download War Thunder Mobile

As a result, the War Thunder Mobile game for Android can already be downloaded from our website even before the official release! Have a nice game!

Download War Thunder Mobile_v0.0.7.34.apk
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