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Cut the Rope Daily from Netflix

Cut the Rope Daily from Netflix

✦ Netflix, Inc. 💰 Mod
Size193 MB
Updated v1.4.0:5-04-2024, 13:51

Cut the Rope Daily - I present to your attention a version of the game for all users, without a subscription from Netflix! The game is a typical, classic Cut the Rope in which you will cut ropes every day to feed Am Nyama! The essence of the game is very simple, you just have to feed the green monster Am Nyama by cutting the ropes at the moment when the lollipop is over Am Nyama's mouth! There are also other items on which the lollipop will hang, such as a balloon and so on...

Am Nyama he (Om Nom) is probably the cutest "character" monster on Android, the game was created a long time ago, just at the beginning of the Android platform and wat now, he returns with an even greater appetite for sweets. Enjoy the game with riddles and puzzles, solve puzzles to feed Am Nyama!

Features of Cut the Rope Daily:

  • One new level every day;
  • World competitions with other players;
  • You can play without the Internet;
  • All the same cheerful Am Yum!

Download Cut the Rope Daily

As a result, you can download Cut the Rope Daily on Android from Netflix, a kind of revival of the game from ZeptoLab, which is now updated every day!

Download Cut the Rope Daily from Netflix_v1.4.0.apk
Installations: ~427 | Size: 193 MB

🔔 Let us – know if an update is required!

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