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Bridge Constructor Portal (full version)

Bridge Constructor Portal (full version)

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Bridge Constructor Portal - in this exciting game, the action takes place in a huge laboratory where you can perform almost any task and bring to life your original and non-trivial ideas. Becoming one of the interns, you will take a responsible place and work on the study of natural portals. These portals have the potential to significantly advance modern civilization in the future. The original version of the game has limitations, due to which many cannot enjoy all its features. But thanks to this modification, you can play for fun without wasting extra time and effort.


The main campaign of the game consists of dozens of complex and confusing stages. You will have to complete various tasks and go through various scenarios. As you progress through the levels and quests become more difficult, so it is important to be careful and monitor all changes in the environment. Your main task is to help little people safely travel distances from one point to another using various tools such as gels, cubes and panels. With a competent and accurate approach, you will be able to successfully complete the levels and receive rewards.


The game developers have implemented many advantages:

  • Variability: The ability to choose different ways to solve problems.
  • Multitasking: Performing multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Corporate identity: Unique design and decoration.
  • Dynamism: Rapidly changing conditions and tasks.
  • Atmospheric musical accompaniment: Suitable music that enhances the immersion in the game.
  • High-quality graphics: Detailed and colorful visual effects.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal

To download a modified version of Bridge Constructor Portal to your Android device, visit our website and go to the corresponding page. There you will find a link for a free and fast download of the installation file. Enjoy the game and realize your wildest ideas!

Download Bridge Constructor Portal (full version)_v7.0.apk
Installations: ~53 | Size: 95 MB

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