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Open CRMP Container

Open CRMP Container

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Open CRMP Container is a cool game in which you can open containers with cars, just like in GTA or on SAMP, Bulkin, Fresh, AndyFy, CRMP, MTA servers! There is an exclusive car hidden in each container, which no one else has! Try the game now and maybe you will get a unique car from Cyberpunk.


The gameplay of Opening CRMP Containers is quite simple and intuitive. Players are given the opportunity to open virtual containers containing various items, such as weapons, costumes, emotions, etc. Each container costs a certain amount of game coins that can be earned in the game or bought for real money. The game features several types of containers, differing in content and price.

Features of the game:
  • The ability to open virtual containers with various game items;
  • Several types of containers with different contents and price;
  • The opportunity to earn game coins in the game or buy them for real money.

Download Open CRMP Container

As a result, you can already download the game from our website Opening CRMP Containers on Android for free and play for fun!

Download Open CRMP Container_v3.1.apk
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