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Hacked Toilet Laboratory MOD for 1999999+ Chips

Hacked Toilet Laboratory MOD for 1999999+ Chips

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Meet hacked Toilet Laboratory for chips, more than 1999999+ million chips are already available to buy weapons, armor, potions and new character skins to increase the size of the army. Breaking into the Toilet Lab is a brand new game from Dipper Colt in which you will play as Toilet Monsters from the Skibidi universe! You need to destroy all the Agents and camera men who want to take over your virtual universe.

As the game progresses, you can earn chips or use a cheat to buy everything at once! Chips can be used to buy weapons, a potion that adds health and repaints your toilet. You can also acquire the impact force. As for the game itself, everything is very simple here, you need to press the "fight" or "defense" button to attack the Agent or defend against his blows. If you are bored of playing but want a lot of chips, then it is enough to install a "clicker" that will click for you. The game is very simple and it doesn't need chips to win levels.

Download Hacked Toilet Laboratory

So, you just need to download the Toilet Laboratory game without ads on Android, and also install a clicker to get a lot of chips. It is worth noting that in the game each level is divided into 10 mini-levels with several Agents in each and you will need to take care of your lives to reach the end, so you can enter promo codes to buy lives - MAGA, DIPPER, SUPER. Have a nice game!

Download Hacked Toilet Laboratory MOD for 1999999+ Chips_v1.0.4.apk
Installations: ~142 588 | Size: 390 MB

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