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Neighbors back From Hell FULL

Neighbors back From Hell FULL

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Neighbors back From Hell on Android is the long—awaited return of the iconic game that won the hearts of players around the world in the early 2000s. Now fans of the original and new players can enjoy the updated version of this fascinating and humorous game on their mobile devices. Combining elements of stealth games and puzzles, Neighbors back From Hell offers you to become a master of dirty tricks and make your annoying neighbor a real hell.

Gameplay and plot

In Neighbors back From Hell, you take on the role of Woody, who is fed up with his noisy and arrogant neighbor. Your task is to come up with and implement all sorts of practical jokes to ruin the life of this obnoxious person. The plot of the game unfolds in the format of a reality show, where cameras are watching your every move. The more original and complex dirty tricks you come up with, the higher your audience rating will be.

Game Features

  • Classic gameplay: The game retains all the basic elements of the original, including controls and interface. Old-school fans will be glad to see that their favorite game has remained true to its roots.
  • Updated graphics: Neighbors back From Hell has received a major graphic update. Now all the levels, characters and dirty tricks look even more vivid and detailed.
  • New content: In addition to the classic levels, new dirty tricks and missions have been added to the game, which will give you even more fun and cause bouts of laughter.
  • Interactive elements: Interacting with the environment has become even more exciting. You can use any items to create the most unimaginable traps.
  • Ease of control: The controls are adapted for mobile devices, which makes the game convenient and enjoyable to play on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Tips and Strategies

  1. Plan your actions: Carefully study the level and think about which items and how you can use them for dirty tricks.
  2. Stay unnoticed: Your neighbor should not see you. Otherwise, the game will end in failure. Use shelters and keep a close eye on his movements.
  3. Combine dirty tricks: The more draws you can complete in one go, the higher your score will be. Try to come up with a chain of events to impress the viewers of the show.


Neighbors back From Hell on Android is a great opportunity to plunge into the world of nostalgia and relive your favorite childhood moments, as well as enjoy updated content. Surprise your neighbor with clever practical jokes, get a lot of fun and high ratings from the audience! Download the game right now and become a real master of dirty tricks!

Download Neighbors back From Hell

Don't miss the chance to return to childhood and feel like the king of dirty tricks again! Download Neighbors back From Hell for Android and prove to everyone that your neighbor has not seen the real hell yet!

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