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Stand Chillow (Privatka, Latest Version)

Stand Chillow (Privatka, Latest Version)

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Updated v0.28.2:3-04-2024, 16:01

Stand Chill - meet the team action shooter based on the game Standoff 2 - this is a kind of StandChillow private game that you can play on a third-party server without standard restrictions. This is an exclusive version with Tanto! In the game you can play team to team with other players from the Internet, you will have no restrictions and you will not need to buy weapons, everything will be free. You can also open cases and get skins for your weapons for free!

At the moment, the Chilov Stand has more attractive graphics and an intuitive interface, and in general the gameplay of the game has remained with the off version Standoff 2! New game modes have also been added to the game for a change.

Download privatka Stand of Chiles

As a result, if you are bored of playing the standard version of Standoff 2 on an offline server, then you definitely should try privatizing Standoff on Android. Have a nice shooting game!

Download Stand Chillow (Privatka, Latest Version)_v0.28.2.apk
Installations: ~263 113 | Size: 961 MB

🔔 Let us – know if an update is required!

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